I signed up. What now?

Congratulation, your profile is now visible, you can start making collabs!

Want to get proactive in contacting brands?
You can now include the link to your 25superstars-Profile in your bio or mention it when reaching out to simplify the process!

How do I receive money?

After completing an order, the amount will automatically be credited to your account's balance. You can cash out at any time by adding your bank details in your settings. Our partner Stripe will fulfil those payouts.

Do you take commission?

We currently don't charge for access to the site, therefore we take a cut of about 20% for each order.

What price should I set?

We recommend starting with lower amounts to test out the demand, you can always change it later.

In the end, it will depend much on how many views your videos get on average and which content category you focus on.

Advantages for Creators

Our platform can be seen as a tool to make it easier for creators to collaborate with brands.
1) The client sends you a request through our platform with all the details of how he would like to collaborate, including links and an upfront payment.
2) You can then look at these requests yourself and evaluate whether you want to accept them or not.

As a nice side-effect, brands become more aware of you, since many of them browse our platform regularly. Furthermore, we actively approach brands and recommend individual creators who might be a good fit for them.

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